Books & collections

Molecular Capture: 
The Animation of Biology

Adam Nocek
University of Minnesota Press, 2021

Book reveals how popular media consumption and biological knowledge production have converged in molecular animations—computer simulations of molecular and cellular processes that immerse viewers in the temporal unfolding of molecular worlds—to produce new regimes of seeing and knowing.

Design in Crisis: New Worlds, Philosophies, and Practices

Adam Nocek and Tony Fry
Routledge, 2020

Book is a contribution to the transdisciplinary field of critical design studies. The essays in this collection locate design at the center of a series of interrelated planetary crises, from climate change, nuclear war, and racial and geopolitical violence to education, computational culture, and the loss of the commons. In doing so, the essays propose a range of needed interventions in order to transform design itself and its role within the shifting realities of a planetary crisis.

Ontogenesis Beyond Complexity

Cary Wolfe and Adam Nocek
Angelaki: Journal of the Theoretical Humanities, vol. 25, 2020

Journal publishes research in theoretical humanities, which represents the productive nexus of work in literary criticism and theory, philosophy, and cultural studies.

New Concepts for Materialism

Iris Van der Tuin and Adam Nocek
Philosophy Today 63, no. 4, 2019

Rock Records

Paul Harris, Richard Turner and Adam Nocek
SubStance: A Review of Theory and Literary Criticism 47 no. 2, 2018

In publication continuously since 1971, SubStance is a major interdisciplinary journal with a reputation for excellence. It is an international nexus for discourses converging upon literature from a variety of fields, including philosophy, the social science, science, and the arts. Readers have come to expect the unexpected from SubStance, and to experience a sense of participating in the formulation of emerging theories.

The Lure of Whitehead

Nicholas Gaskill and Adam Nocek
University of Minnesota Press,, 2014

Advances an innovative and interdisciplinary dialogue with the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead. Once largely ignored, the speculative philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead has assumed a new prominence in contemporary theory across the humanities and social sciences. The Lure of Whitehead offers readers not only a comprehensive introduction to Whitehead’s philosophy but also a demonstration of how his work advances our emerging understanding of life in the posthuman epoch.

Animating Biophilosophy

Phillip Thurtle and Adam Nocek
Inflexions: A Journal for Research Creation, 2014

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